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Delivering change through innovation

Engagement in Education (EiE) is an exciting and diverse team of highly respected and experienced education professionals including former school leaders, teachers, DfE and local authority department leaders, administrators, and HMI.

We are a leading education consultancy working to shape and deliver innovative yet simple methods to improve effective Parental Engagement in education. Feedback from those we work with tells us that our values: to Engage, Enthuse and Inspire – apply equally to teachers, school leaders and parents as well as the pupils; we deliver change through innovation. EiE occupies a unique and hitherto unexplored role within education – we take the established academic research that tells us so clearly what works to raise pupil achievement, and use it as the basis for our own school-based action research that shows school leaders how to make it work in the context of any school.

EiE is proud of its reputation for providing innovative, common-sense solutions and finding new ways of approaching what are often seen as intractable problems. Our keynote addresses, often described as ‘inspirational’ by delegates, draw upon hard evidence, a huge amount of thought and discussion, and a deep understanding of the realities of everyday school life drawn from many years of experience, providing effective solutions that schools can use with confidence. Each keynote is designed to be thought-provoking, challenging, and to provide a number of workable ideas that school leaders and policy makers can take away and use in their schools.

Our carefully planned courses and materials supporting Parental Engagement, Stakeholder Engagement and Parental Involvement are among some of the most highly rated in the country – we don’t do ‘Teacher Training’, we deliver ‘Teacher Learning’, and every course we deliver is designed to provide a ‘deep learning’ experience for all participants – an important distinction that leads to long-term success.

EiE has established itself as one of the world’s leading authorities on how to make Parental Engagement and Stakeholder Engagement work in schools – expertise that has developed a whole new approach and methodology to Parental Engagement in children’s learning – Free Flow Info.

As well as providing input for individual schools, academies and Multi Academy Trusts across the UK, we have provided briefings at ministerial level, own and write the content for what has been the world’s most frequently visited web site on Parental Engagement for the last five years, created courses and targeted resources for the DfE, ASCL, NAHT, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust as well as schools in Shanghai, Bratislava, Prague, Lausanne, Budapest and Warsaw.

Our approach with schools and academies is to work with school leadership teams to:

Engagement in Education specialises in the pragmatisation of well-established academic research into a meaningful strategy. We offer common sense answers, tested over time by action research in a range of school contexts ensuring school leaders and policy makers can have confidence in the solutions we offer. We use the extensive combined experience of our team members to ensure that our solutions not only work, but work in a way that is sympathetic to the realities of life in today’s schools and the society in which we live.

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