Free Flow Info

Meaningful and Manageable Parental Engagement

FreeFlowInfo (ffi) is a new and transformative school improvement tool which enables schools to develop meaningful, manageable and sustainable Parental Engagement. Developed and refined through 6 years of school-based action research, FFI replaces traditional, time consuming methods of reporting to parents with a new approach that enables parents, regardless of of their social and educational backgrounds, to have a positive impact on their children’s achievement, whilst reducing workload for teachers.

Engagement in Education is delighted that its FFI development has been referenced by the Department for Education in its recently published Teacher Workload Reduction Toolkit (July 2018) as a means of reducing teacher workload whilst improving pupil achievement through effective Parental Engagement. EiE is proud to contribute this solution to such an important issue in modern education.

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FFI allows us to share, and engage parents actively and constructively in their children’s learning, celebrating success in a contemporary manner that will resonate with a population who cannot live without access to technology. Headteacher, Sunderland

A steady, but not overwhelming, flow of information

FFI is a whole-school implementation that brings the notion of ‘reporting to parents’ into the 21st Century, by replacing the traditional, annual written report to parents, and data-driven termly performance updates. FFI uses a bespoke web platform to provide parents with a steady, but not overwhelming, flow of information harvested from the work teachers and their pupils are already doing as part of their daily practice – providing a huge workload saving for teachers and school staff.

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