Free Flow Info

Well-being and Mental Health

Embedding positivity across the school

The freeflowinfo experience is one of positivity from start to finish – it’s a simple methodology, enabled by a simple online platform, that simply allows teachers, pupils and parents to recognise and celebrate a pupil’s achievements as they learn, and help to plan next steps for individual learning development.

Places the emphasis on individual learning and achievement

Freeflowinfo provides the perfect environment within which a school can fully exploit the benefits of ‘life without levels’. ffi places an emphasis on formative assessment, formative feedback, and formative reporting to parents – creating opportunities within which pupils can develop self-regulation and self-efficacy, and importantly, self-confidence. Assessment for Teaching develops as a natural partner to Assessment for Learning. Surveys conducted using hundreds of parents show a consistently high response (83%) who say that since using ffi they have a greater understanding of their children’s learning than previously.

Making ‘celebration’ infectious

Positivity is habit-forming – the more you look for the positives, the more you find them. Teachers tell us about the way that ffi transforms relationships within classrooms as pupils start to view each other’s work with a view to recommending to other pupils how their work should be shared further with parents and Supporters.

Improving ‘self-worth’

Including pupils as part of the feedback process improves their understanding of what they do well and what they have to do to improve, and the confidence that goes along with being more in control. This knowledge gives them a pivotal role when explaining some of their freeflowinfo uploads to their parents and Supporters. The addition of Supporters increases the amount of positivity each pupil can receive about their learning by allowing key relatives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings – and of course parents who do not share the family home – to be included in the support of the pupil’s learning.

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