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Free Flow Info: teacher innovation at its best

Free Flow Info reduces teacher workload, using what teachers are already doing in the classroom to provide parents with the variety of material that enables regular, at-home, positive conversations.

Reinventing the concept of reporting to parents

There can be few in the teaching profession, or indeed parents of school-aged children, who at one time or another have not voiced concerns about the practice of ‘reporting to parents’. The product of 6 years school-based action-research and based on undisputed best practice and educational theory, Free Flow Info enables schools to meet all of the statutory requirements on reporting to parents whilst cutting teacher workload, and replaces the ‘traditional’ practice with a methodology and delivery system that brings the concept into the 21st Century.

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Reduces teacher workload

Gone are the hours of report writing for teachers and presentation of impenetrable data for parents. Free Flow Info provides clarity and understanding for parents of all backgrounds through a steady, but not overwhelming, flow of information about their children’s learning experiences, harvested from what teachers are already doing as part of their day to day teaching.

Parents love the steady but not overwhelming flow of relevant and positive information that helps them support their child’s learning

When parents have regular, positive conversations at home about school with their children – just a couple of minutes two or three times per week – their children’s achievement and attainment can go up by an average of 25% each year. It works with ALL parents, regardless of their income, ethnicity or own educational experience. Free Flow Info embraces the modern family by providing a steady flow of information that can be accessed  individually by 2 parents and carers, and 3 Supporters, who could be grandparents, siblings, other relatives, or other care professionals who,  regardless of their background, can use the uploads as the basis for those positive conversations.

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Improves professional development by enabling the effortless sharing of best practice

The connections that provide the communication between pupils and parent/carer or Supporters can be extended to fit the needs of each school so that teachers can share read-only access to the uploads from each other’s classes, facilitating CPD through professional dialogue, or the moderation and standardisation of pupil work within departments or phases.

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It's better to invest time throughout the year with quality feedback and review with pupils/parents, than describing historic progress at end of year, using stock phrases Deputy Headteacher, Washington Tyne & Wear
The FFI platform is simple and easy to use Headteacher, Oxfordshire
FFI has helped us meet our Ofsted criteria. Staff feedback comments have improved immensely Headteacher, Oxfordshire
Parents are hugely supportive
and enthusiastic of FFI Deputy Headteacher, Newcastle upon Tyne

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