Free Flow Info

Free Flow Info: a school improvement tool that delivers meaningful, manageable and sustainable Parental Engagement

Based on 6 years of school-based action-research, Free Flow Info is supported by one of the most comprehensive information and training packages ever associated with an education initiative in the UK.

Enables the sustainable delivery of meaningful and manageable Parental Engagement and cost-effective school improvement

Free Flow Info is the result of pragmatic research designed to provide schools with the means of implementing a Parental Engagement system that works for ALL parents. The sustainability is provided by replacing traditional methods of reporting to parents with a method that actually provides parents – whoever they are – with a means of supporting their children’s learning in a way that can raise achievement by 25% each year.

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Seamlessly stimulates the use of 15 strategies known to raise pupil performance

It was not until Free Flow Info was being tested in schools, that we started to receive reports from head teachers that the use of several other effective strategies for raising pupil achievement were ‘spontaneously’ occurring. Over the 6 years of the action-research 15 such management and pedagogical strategies have been identified, making FFI an effective and exciting school improvement tool that can be monitored by school leaders through the bespoke web platform.

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Provides a school-wide implementation strategy to improve learning, inspire, and create aspiration for all

Free Flow Info enables teaching professionals to work together as a cohesive team and focus their efforts on the development of individual pupil performance by gaining a wider understanding of each pupil in different learning contexts such as other subject areas  and out of school.

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Monitors input to provide detailed reports for school leaders on participation and engagement at an individual and group level

Detailed data reports and graphs are generated automatically at a school administrator level, providing head teachers with instant access to statistical information about the use of FFI and the amount and quality of the Parental Engagement within the school.

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Schools would benefit by embedding FFI because it will improve the effective feedback and parental engagement Headteacher, Oxfordshire
It supports the development of meta-cognition and, although it isn’t claimed, it helps with early
intervention Headteacher, Oxfordshire
Does FFI deliver against my Ofsted criteria? Parental Engagement – yes; reporting to parents – yes Headteacher, Oxfordshire
FFI provides a real opportunity to show the passage of learning a child is undergoing Headteacher, Oxfordshire

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