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Free Flow Info: enables parents from all backgrounds to play an active part in supporting their children’s learning

Free Flow Info allows parents to share the excitement for learning that their children experience on a daily basis.


Simple to use, easy to understand

Free Flow Info provides ALL parents – regardless of their own background and personal experience of education – with information they understand, appreciate, and can use to form the basis of simple yet positive conversations with their children at home.

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Enables parents from all backgrounds to play an active part in supporting their children’s learning

Parental Engagement works regardless of the parent’s background. Free Flow Info provides ALL parents with formative information they can understand and use to support their children by having regular, simple, positive conversations with them. In the proof of concept, parents from disadvantaged backgrounds reported that through FFI they understood what their children were doing in school.

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Enables parents to share examples of out of school learning with teachers

80% of what we learn, we learn outside school. Free Flow Info allows parents and carers to upload photos and short videos that demonstrate their children’s out of school learning from sports and arts clubs, or youth and cultural organisations, so that schools can form a more accurate picture of each child as learners for life.

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Provides a secure and permanent record of a child’s education from 4-19

Free Flow Info saves everything that is uploaded, providing a complete record of a child’s education for as long as that education lasts.

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100% of the parents who attended the parents’ meeting signed up immediately Headteacher, Oxfordshire
It will enable parents to be more supportive in their children’s learning and make the curriculum live. Headteacher, Oxfordshire
As a parent it’s a joy to see what your child is doing Parent, Washington Tyne & Wear
FFI is great at giving parents something to talk about with their child on a regular basis Parent, Washington Tyne & Wear

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